Vampire-compatible CompactFlash adapters and cards

This page contains a list of CompactFlash (CF) adapters and cards that are known to be working well on Vampire boards that have an IDE interface.


Most CF-to-IDE adapters should work fine. Here are some specific adapters that were thoroughly tested:


Most CF cards should work fine. Here are some specific cards that were thoroughly tested:

Product ID Product Name Remarks
SDCFHS-004G-G46 SanDisk CF 4GB
SDCFHS-016G-G46 SanDisk CF 16GB
SDCFHS-032G-G46 SanDisk CF 32GB Ultra
SDCFXPS-032G-X46 SanDisk CF 32GB Extreme Pro
TS4GCF133 Transcend CF 4GB
Under AmigaOS 3.x, you can use SYS:Tools/Mounter to obtain the product ID.

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