AmigaOS 3.1.4 ROM installation

Two ways are provided to install the AmigaOS 3.1.4 ROM image on Vampire Cards. You may choose between the MapROM option or the Flash option. The former method is useful for testing purposes as it avoids permanent changes to the card. The FlashROM option will directly overwrite the Kickstart image in the Card's flash such that the 3.1.4 ROM will be available at power-on.

Be careful should you choose to write the ROM into Flash. Should the flashing process get interrupted, the Vampire won't be able to boot anymore. Recovery from such a situation requires to re-flash the Core image by means of a USB Blaster.


  • Vampire V2 (V500V2+ or V600V2) card
  • Minimum Gold 2.10
  • AmigaOS 3.1.4 ROM image purchased from Hyperion or a reseller
  • VampireMAP314 and VampireFlash314 copied to C: (download)

Suitable ROM images are the A1200, A500 or A600 releases. Other variants have not been tested by the team.

MapROM on Apollo-Core FPGA Cards

Non-permanent installation of the 3.1.4 ROM into a running system can be achieved by the VampireMap314 tool, provided by Apollo Team. The tool will add the additional modules to a user-provided ROM image and reboot the system with it. This method is the recommended way of testing the new ROM before a persistent installation. It should be added into the startup-sequence in the following way:

Version expansion.library 45
 C:VampireMap314 Devs:Kickstarts/kick.a1200

The Kickstart will be mapped until a power-cycle takes place.

FlashROM on Apollo-Core FPGA Cards

An alternative to a modified startup-sequence can be achieved by a semi-permanent installation of the ROM into the Card’s Flash memory. Please note that the flashing needs to be repeated after a Core update which overwrites the whole Flash. Make sure that your system is idle before starting the flash procedure. The safest way to perform this operation is booting without startup-sequence and typing the command from CLI.

The VampireFlash314 utility takes the path of the ROM image as only argument. Example:

C:VampireFlash314 Devs:Kickstarts/kick.a1200

Please replace the example path of the Kickstart image by the actual location on your harddrive. The tool will need about 5 minutes to compress the Kickstart image after a quick verification of Flash chip type and Kickstart location within it. The flashing may commence after the compression was finished. Please confirm the flashing procedure with YES (as shown, in caps), followed by Return.

You need to power-cycle your Amiga after flashing.

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