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 You need to power-cycle your Amiga after flashing. You need to power-cycle your Amiga after flashing.
 +===== Advanced Topics =====
 +==== Kickstart 3.1.4 ROM Image with updated intuition.library ====
 +The ability to flash updated Kickstart images has the additional benefit that reboots at cold start can be avoided. Veteran Amiga users who own Accelerators that feature the MapROM ability have been doing this for ages. A highly recommended ​ tool for the creation of custom ROM images is Doobrey'​s [[http://​www.doobreynet.co.uk/​beta/​|Remus/​ROMSplit]] combo. Please install these tools first and don't forget a close look on the "​requirements"​ list of additional libraries and MUI classes provided on Doobrey'​s page.
 +Now start Remus and click on the "​Split"​ button in the toolbar. ​ Load your original ROM Image . Please note how Remus suggests an output path matching the detected Kickstart image: ...Remus_path.../​Modules/​46.143_Hyperion(a1200)
 +Keep that suggested Path. Klick on "​Select All", followed by "​Extract File(s)"​.
 +In the next step, the most convenient starting point for a custom ROM is by using a preset. Doobrey kindly provided a number of presets for the most common image types. Load the default project for A1200 ROMs.
 +If you have followed the steps above, then Remus will load the preset file and automatically add all relevant modules from the ROM you've extracted in the first step. Now go to the directory where you have stored intuition V45. Select intuition.library in the left-hand list and remove it. Drag intuition V45 into the left list view. It doesn'​t have to be at the exact same location but please make sure it's **not** the first entry. The first entry has to be exec.library.
 +You might want to have a look at the "​settings"​ tab and adjust the output filename there. The other options should be kept as they were (hint: the preset covers the necessary settings already). Now the last step is the "​compile"​ button in the toolbar.
 +Copy the new ROM image somewhere on the hard drive and test it by "​VampireMap314"​ as outlined above with the new ROM image as argument. Once you confirmed that the new ROM image works as intended, you may change the MapROM command line in startup-sequence or flash it.
 +The same procedure applies if you have an A500/​600/​2000 image. The only difference is that you have to load the appropriate preset in that case.
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