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68080 asm: Loop-based counter

This code will make a loop to count from 0 to 100.

Final result can be checked in a shell with: echo $rc

# loop counter
# credits to pisklak for the code
	move.w  #0,d0   ; set register d0 with value zero
loop1 	add     #1,d0   ; add 1 to register d0
	cmp.w   #100,d0 ; compare if register dO equals 100
	bne     loop1   ; if not equal then branch back to 'loop1' label
	rts             ; exit loop

We compare (cmp) register D0 and value 100. Then next instruction is 'bne' which means 'branch not equal'. This instruction 'bne' says: if the result of the cmp is 'not equality' then go to label 'loop1'. This makes us loop until D0 equals 100.

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