68080 asm: Prime number calculator

* this program calculate prime numbers and store them in an array
* credits to pisklak for the code
max_number	EQU 20	

		lea 	fib_arry,a0		; load fib_arry addr indo a0
		move.l	#2,d1			; setup counter reg
		move.l  d1,(a0)+		; write value to arry
		add.l 	#1,d1			; increasing counter
		cmp.l 	#max_number,d1		; checking do we are not at the end of arry
		bls		fill_loop	; if not then execute fill loop again

		lea		fib_arry,a0	; reset arry addr in a0	
		move.l  #2,d2			; starting position in d2
		cmp.l	#max_number,d2		; check do we not at last position
		bhi	endprg
		move.l 	-8(a0,d2.l*4),d0	; we get our number from arry
		cmp.l 	#$CAFECAFE,d0		; and we check against our "throw" sign
		beq	check_next		; if it is throwed one then move on to next
		move.l	d0,d1			; clone it in d1
		add.l 	d0,d1			; now we have in d1 next multiply of our number
		cmp.l   #max_number,d1		; we check do we do not exceed our range 
		bhi 	check_next		; if yes then we throw out all multiplies and should
								; check next number from arry 
		move.l 	#$CAFECAFE,-8(a0,d1.l*4)	; mark 'throwed' sign
		bra		throw_loop	; throw next multiply
		add.l	#1,d2			; move to next number
		bra		main_loop
endprg	RTS

fib_arry	DS.l max_number

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