68080 asm: Prime number calculator with print on console

This program will calculate prime numbers up to 200, and will print results on console.

* calculate prime numbers up to 200, print results on console. 
* credits pisklak for the code

		include exec/types.i
		include exec/libraries.i
		include	exec/exec_lib.i
		include	dos/dos_lib.i
max_num	EQU			200
LF		EQU			10						; Line feed
		lea			prime_array,a0			; load prime_array  addr indo a0
		move.l		#2,d1					; setup counter reg
		move.l		d1,(a0)+				; write value to arry
		add.l		#1,d1					; increasing counter
		cmp.l		#max_num,d1				; checking do we are not at the end of array
		bls			fill_loop				; if not then execute fill loop again

		lea			prime_array,a0			; reset array addr in a0
		move.l		#2,d2					; starting position in d2

		cmp.l		#max_num,d2				; check do we not at last position
		bhi			openlibs
		move.l		-8(a0,d2.l*4),d0		; we get our number from arry
		cmp.l		#$0,d0					; and we check against our "throw" sign
		beq			check_next				; if it is throwed one then move on to next
		move.l		d0,d1					; clone it in d1
		add.l		d0,d1					; now we have in d1 next multiply of our number
		cmp.l		#max_num,d1				; we check do we do not exceed our range 
		bhi			check_next				; if no then check next number from array 
		move.l		#0,-8(a0,d1.l*4)		; mark 'throwed' sign
		bra			throw_loop				; throw next multiply
		add.l		#1,d2					; move to next number
		bra			main_loop

*	----------------------- write calculated values part --------------------------------
		lea 		_DosName,a1				; load lib mane to open
		move.l		#0,d0					; we open any version
		CALLEXEC	OpenLibrary				; now we open DOS library
		move.l		d0,_DOSBase				; and store its addres in _DOSBase variable
											; note that we do not check do open libs succed
		CALLDOS		Output					; get output handler
		move.l		d0,_stdout				; store it in variable
		move.l		#w_msg,d1				; we load pointer to our welcome message
		move.l		#w_msg_arg,d2			; pointer to arguments arry
		CALLDOS		VPrintf					; print our welcome message
		lea			prime_array ,a2
		move.l		#2,d3					; our counter - this time we do it slighty different 
		cmp.l		#0,(a2)					; compare our array value with out 'throwed'ámark
		bne			print_value				; in not throwed then print that value
		add.l		#4,a2					; move to next array position
		add.l		#1,d3
		cmp.l		#max_num,d3				; check do we not reach end of range
		blo			findloop				; if not then check next value
  		bra 		printLF					; if yes then this is the end of prg -> print LF and closelibs
		move.l		#printvaluetext,d1		; text to print
		move.l		a2,d2					; value to print
		CALLDOS		VPrintf					; print value
		add.l		#4,a2					; move to next position in array
		add.l		#1,d3					; increase our counter
		cmp.l		#max_num,d3				; are we in range ?
		blo			findloop				; if yes go check next value

		move.l		#prLFstr,d1				; we print a LF at the end
		move.l		#0,d2					; no args for VPrintf
		CALLDOS		VPrintf					; print newline

		move.l	_DOSBase,a1					; load lib base to close 
		CALLEXEC CloseLibrary				; close it

endprg		RTS

_ExecBase			dc.l		0	
_DOSBase			dc.l		0
_DosName			dc.b		"dos.library",0
_stdout				dc.l		0

w_msg				dc.b		LF," -* This program calculates and prints prime numbers with range %.ld with sieve method *-",LF,0
w_msg_arg			dc.l		max_num
printvaluetext		dc.b		"%lu ",0
prLFstr				dc.b		LF,0
prime_array 		DS.l		max_num

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