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-=== BCC === 
-This instruction is used to jump in the code from one place to another.\\ ​ 
-We perform some test and BCC checks the result. \\  
-Depending on that result we can decide to move to another area in our code.\\ ​ 
-BCC means '​branch condition code' and the\\  
-CC part for '​condition code' can be for example one of the following:​\\ ​ 
-EQ equal\\ ​ 
-GE greater or equal\\  ​ 
-GT greater than\\ ​ 
-LE less or equal\\ ​ 
-LS low or same\\ ​ 
-LT less than\\ ​ 
-MI minus\\ ​ 
-HI high\\ ​ 
-NE not equal\\ ​ 
-Syntax is:\\  
-BEQ <​label>​ 
-BGE  " 
-BNE  " 
-BLT  " 
-BLE  " 
-BHI  " 
-Usage example:​\\ ​ 
-{{topic>​bne bgt beq bhi}} 
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