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Compatible RTG Games

Game Remarks Links
AB3DII Works, Requires RTG Patch
Abuse Works
194x Works Download
ADoom Works
AmiJeweled Works
BubbleHeroes Works in 320x256x8
ChaosGuns Works Download
Duke Nukem 3D Works
Foundation DC Works Buy
Marvelous2Demo Works in 320x240x8 Download
MegaBall AGA Works in 320x256x8. Requires a valid ToolType MODEID
MoonBases Demo Works in 640x480x8 Download
NuclearChess Works in 800x600x16, 24bits slow, SDL Download
Napalm Works in 640x512x8 - CGFX Only
Payback Works
Rise of the Triad Works
Simon The Sorcerer 2 Works
WormWars Works in 640x480x8 Download
Wolf3DBeta Works


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