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Compatible RTG Games

Here you can find a compatibility RTG games list :

Game Remarks Links
AB3DII Works, Requires RTG Patch
Abuse Works
194x Works Download
ADoom Works
AmiJeweled Works Download
BattleDuel Works. Download Update
BubbleHeroes Works in 320x256x8

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Circus Works in 800x600x16, 24bits slow, SDL
ChaosGuns Works Download
Duke Nukem 3D Works
Foundation DC Works Buy
Marvelous2Demo Works in 320x240x8 Download
MegaBall AGA Works in 320x256x8. Requires a valid ToolType MODEID
MoonBases Demo Works in 640x480x8 Download
NuclearChess Works in 800x600x16, 24bits slow, SDL Download
Napalm Works in 640x512x8 - CGFX Only
Payback Works
PairsNG Works.
Rise of the Triad Works
Simon The Sorcerer 2 Works
WildFlying Works. Run WFd_rtg240.exe Download
WormWars Works in 640x480x8 Download
Wolf3DBeta Works

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