Frequently asked questions

  • Which Vampire should I buy?
    • The Vampire offers multiple ways for you to be the owner of the fastest, most advanced Amiga in the world:
> I want to boost my Amiga 500. Get the Vampire 500 V2+
> I want to boost my Amiga 2000. Get the Vampire 500 V2+
> I want to boost my Amiga 600. Get the Vampire 600 V2
> I want to boost my Amiga 1200. Get the Vampire 1200 V2
> I want a brand new Amiga! Get the Vampire Standalone V4
  • I have sent email to Majsta and got no reply, is this normal?
    • Majsta is busy making cards and designing new hardware. He will re-contact you once he has a card available for you, please be patient.
  • What can I do if I am having problems with my Vampire?
    • Please visit the corresponding troubleshooting page below:
  • How do I turn on/off scanlines?
    • For RTG screen modes, please see the “Configure the SAGA monitor” section in the Installing the RTG driver page.
    • If you have Core version >= GOLD3 (as in the Vampire Standalone), you can simply press F11, for both RTG and non-RTG screen modes.
  • Can I boot from the MicroSD slot?
    • Current driver revision isn't able to boot from MicroSD.
  • Why is VControl CORE outputting a version string that is older than the last JIC Core I've flashed?
    • Quartus Prime Programmer does not update the version string stored in the Vampire Core. Only FlashROM executables do. See more details here.
  • Do Vampires have an FPU?
    • FPU is available as a hybrid hardware/firmware solution since Core version GOLD2.7. See more details here.
  • Do Vampires have an MMU?
    • MMU implementation is not currently planned for 68080 Core.
  • This is emulating a 68060, right?
    • No, the 68080 Core is a legitimate 68000-series processor. It is not an emulation any more than old 68k chips are.
  • Why haven't you made the Vampire compatible with SATA/BT4.0/Thunderbolt/NVMe/[add any unavailable technology here]?
    • Developing such technologies on an 80s computer requires time and skills. If we wanted to work on such technologies for the Vampire, first orders would have been shipped approximately in August 2047. All those technologies require at least dedicated drivers and obviously corresponding stack. Has anyone seen a Bluetooth stack on AmigaOS 3 until now?
  • How can I prevent devil entities from appearing out of my Vampire?
    • Any use of holy water or garlic on your device will result in loss of your warranty. We strongly advise you to call your doctor before doing anything silly. :-)

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