Compatible RTG demos


This page is obsolete, because its contents are severely outdated.

Here you can find some RTG demos that work on the Vampire, without FPU:

Screen Name Category Remarks
AWin Demo Workbench Works.
Born Again Intro 64K Works. Aminet
DreamScape Disorder Demo Works. Aminet
Dolphinary Demo Works. Aminet
EveryThingDies Demo Works. Aminet
Ghost In The Machine Demo Works. Aminet
Googoo #7 Music Disk Works. Aminet
Googoo #8 Music Disk Works. Aminet
Googoo #9 Music Disk Works. Aminet
Grotesque Intro 64K Works. Aminet
Killer Demo Works. Use the CGX version KillerCGX.
Mental (final) Demo Works. Run mental_rtg.exe 16. Requires trueaga.library.
Metropolice Demo Works.
MystiCube 1.0 Workbench Works.
MystiCube 1.3 Workbench Works.
ODSys Workbench Works. Best with running >SETENV ODGFXCARD 1 before.
Oubliette Intro 64K Works. Aminet
Psychol Intro Intro 64K Works. Aminet
q(r)cov Intro Works. Aminet
Quagmire 2 Music Disk Works. Aminet
RNO Electric Ocean Demo Works. Download
RNO Records release #100 Music Disk Works.
Sfumato Demo Works.
Supergroove 2 Demo Works. Download
Trauma Intro 64K Works.
The Vague 1 Music Disk Works.

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