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 ====== AROS on the Vampire ====== ====== AROS on the Vampire ======
-{{ ::​logoaros.jpg?​nolink&​400 |}}+{{::​logoaros.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
-[[http://​aros.sourceforge.net/​|AROS]] is an open-source,​ cross-platform re-implementation of AmigaOS. ​ It is based on the AmigaOS 3.1 API.  AROS 68k (as well as AROS ARM) is binary-compatible to Amiga programs. ​ AROS for other platforms ​is source-compatible to Amiga programs.+[[http://​aros.sourceforge.net/​|AROS]] is an open-source,​ cross-platform re-implementation of AmigaOS. ​ It is based on the AmigaOS 3.1 APIs.  AROS 68k (as well as AROS for ARM) is **binary-compatible** to Amiga programs. ​ AROS variants ​for other platforms ​are source-compatible to Amiga programs. **AROS 68k** is the recommended OS to run on the Vampire Standalone. 
 +  * Open-source. 
 +  * Free to use. 
 +  * Contains numerous enhancements compared to AmigaOS. 
 +    * Many third-party,​ unreliable solutions are now cleanly built into the OS. 
 +  * Under active and continuous development. 
 +    * Among other things, progress is being made to improve overall speed. 
 +  * Supports most Vampire features out of the box. 
 +Just like AmigaOS, AROS 68k consists of ROM-based components (Kickstart) and disk-based components. ​ If you want, you can even combine AROS components with AmigaOS components, like this: 
 +  * You can load disk-based AmigaOS components on top of AROS Kickstart. 
 +  * You can load disk-based AROS components on top of AmigaOS Kickstart 3.x. 
 +Please refer to [[..amigaos:​|this page]] to learn how the Vampire works with Kickstarts. (When using an **AROS** Kickstart, you do not need to worry about the special considerations for **AmigaOS** Kickstarts mentioned on that page.) 
 +AROS is free to download and use, but **donations** to boost this Amiga platform are greatly appreciated:​ 
 +  * [[https://​github.com/​aros-development-team/​AROS|Donate via GitHub Sponsors]] ("​Sponsor"​ button at the top) 
 +  * [[https://​www.power2people.org/​funds/​aros/​|Donate via power2people]] 
 +ApolloOS is a fork of AROS optimized for AC68080. Building instructions are available [[https://​github.com/​ApolloTeam-dev/​AROS/​wiki/​Building|here]].
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