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AROS on the Vampire

AROS is an open-source, cross-platform re-implementation of AmigaOS. It is based on the AmigaOS 3.1 API. AROS 68k (as well as AROS ARM) is binary-compatible to Amiga programs. AROS variants for other platforms are source-compatible to Amiga programs. AROS 68k is the recommended OS to run on the Vampire.


  • Open-source
  • Free to use
  • Contains numerous enhancements compared to AmigaOS
  • Under active and continuous development
  • Supports most Vampire features out of the box

Just like AmigaOS, AROS 68k consists of ROM-based components (Kickstart) and disk-based components. If you want, you can combine AROS components with AmigaOS components, like this:

  • You can load disk-based AmigaOS 3.x components on top of AROS Kickstart.
  • You can load disk-based AROS components on top of AmigaOS Kickstart 3.x.

Please refer to this page to learn how the Vampire works with Kickstarts.

AROS is free to download and use, but donations to boost this Amiga platform are greatly appreciated.

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