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EmuTOS on the Vampire

EmuTOS is an open-source re-implementation of Atari TOS. It is binary-compatible to Atari programs written for TOS. It contains many enhancements compared to the original TOS, and is being actively developed.

EmuTOS can be run on the Amiga by booting it from a floppy disk, or by using it as a Kickstart ROM replacement.

  • In a Vampire accelerator board connected to a classic Amiga, the Core contains an EmuTOS ROM, in addition to the Amiga Kickstart ROM. If you hold down the left mouse button or the joystick fire button during power-on, the Vampire will start the Core's EmuTOS instead of the Amiga Kickstart.

Please see Installing Kickstarts for using an EmuTOS ROM as a Kickstart on the Vampire.

It is optimized for the Vampire.

EmuTOS can be used as a stub to run FreeMiNT, a much more powerful Atari OS that can run modern Atari software.

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