FreeMiNT on the Vampire

FreeMiNT is an open-source continuation of the Atari MiNT operating system. It is binary-compatible to Atari programs written for TOS or for MiNT. It is much more powerful than the original TOS (and EmuTOS), and is being actively developed. Furthermore, it has been optimized for the Vampire.

FreeMiNT can be run on the Vampire like this:

  1. Follow the instructions here to download a FreeMiNT image and write it to a storage device that can be connected to the Amiga / Vampire. This device can be an SD card, or a storage device connected to the IDE interface.
  2. Connect the storage device to the Amiga / Vampire.
  3. Start EmuTOS by following the instructions here. EmuTOS will detect Atari-compatible partitions on IDE storage devices and SD cards, and will boot from the FreeMiNT partition it finds.
  4. FreeMiNT will launch the desktop environment.

System-friendly Atari software should run well. If a program bypasses the operating system to obtain access to the Atari hardware, it will fail. To run such programs, you need an Atari emulator like the ones listed on this page.

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