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 ====== FreeMiNT on the Vampire ====== ====== FreeMiNT on the Vampire ======
 +[[https://​freemint.github.io/​|FreeMiNT]] is an open-source continuation of the Atari MiNT operating system. ​ It is binary-compatible to Atari programs written for TOS or for MiNT.  It is much more powerful than the original TOS (and EmuTOS), and is being actively developed. ​ Furthermore,​ it has been optimized for the Vampire.
 +FreeMiNT can be run on the Vampire like this:
 +  - Follow the instructions [[http://​tiny.cc/​amitari-freemint|here]] to download a FreeMiNT image and write it to a storage device that can be connected to the Amiga / Vampire. ​ This device can be an SD card, or a storage device connected to the IDE interface.
 +  - Connect the storage device to the Amiga / Vampire.
 +  - Start EmuTOS by following the instructions [[..emutos:​|here]]. ​ EmuTOS will detect Atari-compatible partitions on IDE storage devices and SD cards, and will boot from the FreeMiNT partition it finds.
 +  - FreeMiNT will launch the desktop environment.
 +System-friendly Atari software should run well.  If a program bypasses the operating system to obtain access to the Atari hardware, it will fail.  To run such programs, you need an Atari emulator like the ones listed on [[:​software_library:​emulation:​computers|this page]].
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