Arne: SAGA Audio Core


The SAGA Core contains the Arne Core, which is an improved version of the audio chip (Paula) that was used in classic Amigas.

Arne is only available in Core version >= GOLD3 (as in the Vampire Standalone).


  • 16 independent, DMA-driven audio channels.
  • Each channel can be configured separately for:
    • 8-bit or 16-bit samples.
    • Sampling rates up to 56 kHz.
    • Stereo separation / panning.
  • Internal mixing with 24-bit precision and 4-times oversampling.
  • Extended sample length.
  • Support for one-shot sample playback in addition to continuous playback.
  • Ability to read from the entire RAM (not just Chip RAM).
  • Full backward-compatibility with Paula.

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