SAGA SDCard Core


The SAGA SDCard Core can drive the MicroSD slot embedded on the Vampire boards. For more practical information, see the Mounting a MicroSD card article.


  • MicroSD SPI protocol.
  • Works with most MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards, up to Speed Class 10.
  • Works from AmigaOS 3.x with the sagasd.device.
  • Works will all filesystems supported on the Amiga (FFS, SFS, PFS, FAT32, ext2/ext3).

SDCARD registers

Register Name Access Size Description
DE0000 saga_sdcard_data RW UBYTE Read and Write Data
DE0004 saga_sdcard_ctl W UWORD Write Control
DE0006 saga_sdcard_stat R UWORD Read Status
DE000C saga_sdcard_clk W UBYTE Clock Speed

SDCARD definitions

Definition Name Value
nChipSelect SAGA_SDCARD_CTL_NCS (1 « 0)
nCardDetect SAGA_SDCARD_STAT_NCD (1 « 0)
nClockSelect SAGA_SDCARD_CLK_DIV(x) ((x) & 0xff)

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