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SAGASleep - version 0.2


SAGASleep is a small AmigaOS3.x program for Power OFF the SAGA Video Output. It use the SAGA API described in SAGA Video Core article.

SAGASleep will be embedded in the SAGA Drivers packages starting from 0.10b release or download it from Aminet as soon as it is available.


  • $VER: SAGASleep 0.2 (19.6.2016) : Some improvements.
  • $VER: SAGASleep 0.1 (18.6.2016) : Initial release.


If Frontmost screen is a RGB ScreenMode

  • Suspend the SAGA Video Output (Black Screen).

If Frontmost screen is a RTG ScreenMode

  • 1st run: Suspend the SAGA Video Output (Black Screen).
  • 2nd run: Restore the SAGA Video Output (Back to previous VideoMode).

Usage with WHDLoad

Typically, this tool will be used with WHDLoad.

Open S:WHDLoad.prefs in a Text Editor and make sure these lines are not commented :

ExecuteStartup=Execute S:WHDLoad-Startup  ; command to execute on WHDLoad startup
ExecuteCleanup=Execute S:WHDLoad-Cleanup  ; command to execute on WHDLoad exit

Then, modify both files S:WHDLoad.Startup and S:WHDLoad.Cleanup

; example script to be used with WHDLoad option ExecuteCleanup
; restart all software which has been stopped previously with ExecuteStartup

; Power ON/OFF the SAGA Video Output

; start Poseidon USB-stack

; start Genesis with a X-Surf card
;AmiTCP:bin/online x-surf0

; start Roadshow
;AddInterface DEVS:NetInterfaces/(#?.info) Quiet

; start the IP-stack via ARexx
;C:rx online.rexx

; enable max speed and JIT for UAE
;uae-configuration cpu_speed max cachesize 8192

Usage with FKey

Another use can be to associate a Keyboard shortcut for suspend / restore the SAGA Video Output.

  • Open SYS:Tools/Commodities/FKey
  • Click New Key button
  • Shortcut : Control Escape or any valid value
  • Command : Run Program
  • Command Parameters : C:SAGASleep >NIL:
  • Save settings.

Usage with Minibench

Another usage is to use it with the MiniBench benchmarking tool.

The goal is to run MiniBench with the SAGA Video Output disabled to obtain more consistent scores.

Create a script, and add these lines :

; Run MiniBench with SAGA Video Output disabled.


Open CLI and type :


Various usage

Sometimes, after booting the Workbench in a 24bits RTG screenmode, the colors are wrong for some reason. It is possible to use SAGASleep to 'repair' the colors. Associate the following script to a KB event or so for handy access.

Create a script, and add these lines :

; Fix 24bits SAGA Video Mode

C:Wait 1

Open CLI and type :


Known BUG

It seems the AmigaOS3.x DimensionInfoMaxDepth property returns “24” when the frontmost screenmode depth is “32bits”.

This issue prevents SAGASleep to restore properly from a 32bits screenmode.

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