Game engines available on the Vampire

Many desirable games were released for other platforms but not for the Amiga. Some of these games can still be made to run on an Amiga, by using game engines that interpret game data files and emulate missing components. Thanks to the unprecedented speed of the Vampire, many of these games run pretty well, even with the overhead added by the emulation layer. This opens up a whole new world of previously unavailable games to Amiga users.

There are many game engines that run on the Amiga / Vampire, but the following comparison table highlights the games that have become playable owing to the speed boost of the Vampire, compared to previous state-of-the-art solutions:

Available game engine Supported games Fastest alternative 68k accelerator 1) Vampire
Quake Quake, Malice, X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse barely playable playable
Hexen II Hexen II unplayable barely playable
Quake II Quake II unplayable playable
Descent Descent, Descent II barely playable playable
ScummVM Adventure games from the mid-1990s barely playable playable
OpenBOR Beats of Rage, other mods barely playable playable
OpenRedAlert Red Alert barely playable playable
Stratagus StarCraft unplayable playable
CannonBall Out Run Arcade unplayable playable
DevilutionX Diablo, Diablo: Hellfire unplayable playable

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1) Assumed to be a 68060 processor clocked at 75 MHz, which is the fastest 68k-compatible CPU (with the exception of the 68080 on the Vampire).
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