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Software library for the Vampire

With the Vampire, you have access to the huge software library (apps, games, demos, etc.) available for classic Amigas. If you encounter any problems when running your desired software, please refer to compatibility considerations.

Many apps benefit from the huge speed boost and high resolutions offered by the Vampire, giving you a much better experience compared to previous state-of-the-art solutions. Some example categories:

Software type Example software
3D rendering LightWave 3D, Cinema 4D, Real 3D, Aladdin4D, Imagine, POV-Ray, VistaPro
Image processing ImageFX, ArtEffect, Photogenics
Video processing Adorage, Wildfire, MainActor, FFmpeg
Audio processing HD-Rec, LAME
Video playback RiVA
Fractal exploration ChaosPro, Fractint, ZoneXplorer
Code compilation GCC, Blitz BASIC, Free Pascal
Cryptography OpenSSL, Bcrypt
Web browsing NetSurf, IBrowse
Available games Fastest alternative 68k accelerator 1) Vampire
Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War unplayable playable
194X Deluxe unplayable playable

If a piece of software was never released for the Amiga, you can often run it using an emulator or a game engine, as long as your Vampire is powerful enough for that software.

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1) Assumed to be a 68060 processor clocked at 75 MHz, which is the fastest 68k-compatible CPU (with the exception of the 68080 on the Vampire).
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