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Apollo Accelerators Wiki

Welcome to the dedicated Wiki of the APOLLO-Team products :

  1. The VAMPIRE boards (A500, A600, A1200, Standalone).
  2. The 68080 CPU, MC680x0 compatible.
  3. The SAGA core.

Here you will find all the binaries you need for updating your Vampire, latest drivers, documentation, tutorials, compatibility lists and all other related valuable information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about ordering ? Need some technical details ?

Some questions are recurring and we try to sum them up in our FAQ.

Latest Core

ChangeLog | How to update the internal core

Build Core Release Date V600 V2(.1) V500 V2(+)
5851 GOLD2.11 2018-10-18 x11 (EXE, JIC) x11 (EXE, JIC)
5633 GOLD2.10 2018-07-22 x11 (EXE, JIC), x12 (JIC) x11 (EXE, JIC), x12 (JIC)
5115 GOLD2.9 2018-04-07 x10 (EXE, JIC), x11 (JIC), x12 (JIC) x10 (EXE, JIC), x11 (JIC)
4982/4990 GOLD2.8 2018-03-18 x10 (EXE,JIC), x11 (EXE,JIC) x10 (EXE,JIC), x11 (EXE,JIC)
4906 GOLD2.7 2018-03-02 x10 (JIC), x11 (EXE, JIC), x12 (JIC) x11 (EXE, JIC), x12 (JIC)
3686 GOLD2.5 2017-07-30 EXE EXE
3686 GOLD2 2017-01-23 EXE JIC EXE JIC
3469 GOLD 2016-09-05 EXE EXE
3409 SILVER9 2016-08-03 EXE
3394 SILVER8 2016-07-29
3351 SILVER7 2016-07-10 EXE
3229 SILVER6 2016-05-16 EXE
3227 SILVER5 2016-05-06 EXE
3181 SILVER3a 2016-04-04 EXE
3176 SILVER3 2016-04-03 EXE
3053 SILVER2 2016-02-28 EXE
2952 SILVER1 2015-12-25 EXE

Core and Software Updates

How To



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