Installing the Ethernet driver

  • If you are using an ENC28J60 Ethernet Module, then the required SANA-II driver is v2expeth.
  • If you are using the on-board Ethernet of the Vampire Standalone, then the required SANA-II driver is v4net.
This page does not apply to Ethernet modules connected via an Arananet SDNET Adapter. If you are looking for that information, please see the documentation provided with your adapter.

Driver setup

  1. Download and install the latest SAGA Drivers package.
    • The installation script will copy the required SANA-II drivers (v2expeth.device and v4net.device) to DEVS:Networks/.
    • The installation script will copy a test program named v2expethtest to C:.
  2. Configure the driver.
    • The drivers support interrupt-driven receive timing. You can enable the interrupt-driven mode with the following CLI command sequence:
      ; IMPORTANT: Replace $driver below with either v2expeth or v4net.
      makedir ENVARC:sana2
      echo "TIMER=0 INTERRUPT PRI=6" >ENVARC:sana2/$driver.config
    • Less commonly used configuration options are outlined in the README file that comes with the SDNet & V2Expeth distribution.
  3. Please consult the manual of your chosen TCP/IP stack for how to add an Ethernet interface.

Health check

  • Please make sure that the TCP/IP stack is inactive/offline before conducting the test.
  • Please make sure that a LAN cable is connected from the module to an active Ethernet port (Switch, Router, …).

Testing the ENC28J60 module and driver

Open a CLI/Shell window and call v2expethtest without further arguments.

The tool will first verify that communication to the module is possible via SPI and then test available speeds. Please note that the speed index 0 is expected to fail. That is normal. Depending on the installed Core speed you may or may not be able to run speed index 1 successfully (speed 1 should work on Core x11, may fail on Core x12 and above).

After the memory transfer test, the tool will send out valid DHCP requests. You should see at least one of the LEDs blink periodically. Typical home networks do have a DHCP server running. In that case it should answer the requests.

The tool quits automatically after about 1 minute and prints out a conclusion to the performed tests.

Testing the Vampire Standalone on-board Ethernet and driver

Not yet available.

Additional information

The full distribution of SDNet & V2Expeth can be obtained here. In that repository, you can find the drivers, documentation and test programs. Source code included.

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