Installing new Cores using FlashROM executables

Use the FlashROM executables to update the Vampire Core from AmigaOS 3.x.

BETTER to have a ready-to-use USB-Blaster in case of serious issue.

See Installing new Cores using Quartus Prime Programmer for more information.

How to flash the Vampire using a FlashROM executable

  1. Keep a copy of the previous working Core.
    • Having a copy will be useful in case of severe bugs in new release.
  2. Download one of the FlashROM executables.
  3. Run the FlashROM executable from an AmigaOS 3.x Shell (newcli).
  4. Confirm the operation by typing 'YES' (in CAPS) and pressing RETURN.
  5. Wait until flashing is finished.
    • NEVER switch off the computer during a flash operation.
    • Do NOT use your operating system during a flash operation.
  6. Power Off your Amiga / Vampire for at least 10 seconds. Make sure that all devices that have their own power connection, such as Digital Video, Ethernet and USB-Blaster cables, are also disconnected during this time, to prevent power backfeed into the Vampire.
  7. Power On your Amiga / Vampire.

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