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 ====== Configuring keymaps for PC keyboards ====== ====== Configuring keymaps for PC keyboards ======
 +You are able to use standard PC keyboards on Vampire boards that have a USB port.  (See also [[vampire:​compatible_usb_input|Vampire-compatible USB input devices]].) ​ The USB keyboard signals are translated to classic Amiga keyboard signals at the hardware level.
 +With the standard keymap files under ''​DEVS:​Keymaps/'',​ AmigaOS supports many different Amiga keyboard layouts. ​ If you have a PC keyboard with a US layout (typically 104 keys), then the standard US keymap file works well.  If you have a PC keyboard with an international layout (typically 105 keys), then the standard international keymap files might not provide support for some special characters.
 +-> To fix this problem, download and install the latest [[saga:​updates|SAGA Drivers package]]. This will install keymap files that support the special characters on PC keyboards with international layouts.
 +<text type="​muted"​ size="​smaller">​**Note:​** If you have connected an original Amiga keyboard using a ''​Keyrah V2b'',​ then the standard keymap files in AmigaOS should work fine.</​text>​
 +<callout type="​tip"​ icon="​true">​
 +You can create your own keymaps using [[http://​aminet.net/​package/​util/​misc/​KME-UPD|KeyMapEditor]].
 +And if you have trouble entering a "​difficult"​ character into KeyMapEditor,​ you can use [[http://​aminet.net/​package/​util/​wb/​ASCII-Clip|ASCII-Clip]] to copy a character with your mouse.
 +-> In order to get the euro sign (€) to work, you need to install the [[http://​www.haage-partner.de/​amiga/​aos39/​index-e.html|Euro Update for AmigaOS 3.9]].
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