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Configuring keymaps for PC keyboards

You are able to use standard PC keyboards on Vampire boards that have a USB port. (See also Vampire-compatible USB input devices.) The USB keyboard signals are translated to classic Amiga keyboard signals at the hardware level.

With the standard keymap files under DEVS:Keymaps/, AmigaOS supports many different Amiga keyboard layouts. If you have a PC keyboard with a US layout (typically 104 keys), then the standard US keymap file works well. If you have a PC keyboard with an international layout (typically 105 keys), then the standard international keymap files might not provide support for some special characters.

To fix this problem, download and install the latest SAGA Drivers. This will install keymap files that support the special characters on PC keyboards with international layouts.

Note: If you have connected an original Amiga keyboard using a Keyrah V2b, then the standard keymap files in AmigaOS should work fine.

You can create your own keymaps using KeyMapEditor.

And if you have trouble entering a “difficult” character into KeyMapEditor, you can use ASCII-Clip to copy a character with your mouse.

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