Classic Amiga add-ons with Vampire compatibility

After connecting an accelerator board to a classic Amiga, it is not always guaranteed that all legacy add-ons (peripherals, expansions, etc.) will play along well with the new board.

This page contains a list of classic Amiga add-ons that have been reported as working well while a Vampire accelerator board is connected to the Amiga.

Want to see your add-on in this list? Just get in touch with us so we can review it.

Brand Product Remarks
(Various) Mouse/joystick adapters
Commodore A2091 Requires 7.0 ROMs
Microbotics 8-UP!
iComp ACE2
iComp A604n Working clockport expansions:
- RTC module
- Subway USB
- RapidRoad USB
- Delfina sound card
iComp A603 Working clockport expansions:
- RapidRoad USB
iComp Indivision ECS Configuration needs this patch; Graffiti mode not working
iComp Indivision ECS V2
iComp Indivision AGA MK2 Configuration needs this patch; you might need to set your RTG resolution to 1280×720
iComp Indivision AGA MK3
iComp X-Surf
iComp X-Surf-100 Working expansions:
- RapidRoad USB
iComp Buddha Working clockport expansions:
- RapidRoad USB
iComp RapidRoad USB
E3B Deneb USB
MiniThylacine USB
(Various) CompactFlash-to-PCMCIA adapters
3Com EtherLink III PCMCIA
CNet CN40
Linksys WPC11 WiFi
HiSoft Aura sound card
Alfa Data CD1200 controller
Alfa Data Tandem CD+IDE controller
Alfa Data AT-Bus 2008
Alfa Data Oktagon 2008
DKB RapidFire
GVP Impact A4000-HC+8 (A4008)
AmigaKit AmigaKit CF-IDE adapter
Arananet Panther CF-IDE adapter
A-EON Technology Prisma Megamix music card
Petsoff Delfina Lite sound card
MacroSystem Toccata sound card
MacroSystem VLab
SunRize AD516 sound card
DPS Personal TBC IV
DPS Personal Animation Recorder PAR software versions 2.50 and 2.55 have issues with hard disks
Village Tronic Ariadne Ethernet card
Village Tronic Picasso II
Village Tronic Picasso IV
X-Pert Merlin
NewTek Video Toaster
NewTek Video Toaster 4000
NewTek Video Toaster Flyer
Elbox FastATA 1200 MK-V Works only in PIO-0 mode
MNT ZZ9000

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