Connecting ENC28J60 Ethernet Module to Vampire 500 V2+ (Rev >= 2.2) or Vampire 1200 V2


  • All pins are 3.3V only. Do NOT connect 5V signals without proper level shifting.
  • This page describes the connection to the board's Ethernet Module Connector. The cabling is different for Vampire 500 V2+ Board Revisions < 2.2. For those boards, you must follow the instructions on this page, unless you have “upgraded” your socket using this adapter.
  • Apollo Team is not responsible for any damage made to your card.

1) Get an ENC28J60 Module (make sure it's 3.3V!) like this one or one of these ones.

2) Get a flat ribbon cable (female-to-female) like this one.

3) Connect your module to the Ethernet Module Connector.

What you see below is actually a 3.3V module that is mislabeled, so it can still be connected to the Ethernet Module Connector. Note that it has 12 pins instead of 10. You will not be able to use a flat ribbon cable. You will need to get some Dupont jumper wires (female-to-female) like these ones. And then you will need to use the pinout below to make the connection:

Ethernet Module Connector ENCJ2860 Module
2 (+3.3V) VCC
4 (nCS1) CS

4) Install and configure the network driver by following the instructions on this page.

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