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  • I am getting read/write errors on my SD card inserted into the MicroSD slot of the Vampire.
    • Your SD card might be bad / damaged. Try a different one.
    • The adapters and cables between the MicroSD slot and your SD card might be bad / damaged. Try different ones.
    • The SD card might have been prepared incorrectly. Try using it on a different Amiga (or on an Amiga emulator) to make sure it is set up correctly.
    • Try formatting the SD card and preparing it from scratch.
    • If you have an extension cable, it might be too long. Try a shorter one.
    • The MicroSD speed might have been set to a level that is too much for your configuration, especially if your extension cable is too long. Use the VControl SDCLOCKDIV command to set a lower speed level.
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