Warranty terms

All Vampire products are rigorously tested to ensure optimum quality and reliability before shipping them to customers. However, in certain cases, a product may not perform as expected when installed. It is important to thoroughly sort out the reason for a malfunction.

Before initiating a warranty claim, please make sure that you have properly connected your Vampire product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apollo Team also suggests that you first consult your regional retailer and FAQ for possible technical assistance before starting an RMA procedure.

Scope of warranty

Vampire’s warranty covers products purchased from an authorized retailer against defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase.

During each product’s warranty period, discretion is maintained to either repair the defective product or replace it with another one of equal or similar performance, provided that:

  • The product is returned to the point of purchase, postage prepaid.
  • The customer is responsible for paying the costs of shipping when returning their product to its authorized retailer.
  • The product is used according to its intended usage, which is to power Amiga systems.
  • The product was not damaged due to normal wear and tear or acts of nature, such as lightning, flood or fire.
  • The product has not been modified without express approval of its authorized seller.

Warranty period

The constructor warranty period starts on the date of purchase, and its length is 6 months. A legal warranty of 2 years is offered by the authorized seller as required by EU laws.

Proof of purchase

A valid proof of purchase (original purchase receipt or credit card statement) is required to invoke Vampire's warranty, and it must detail the following information:

  • Date of purchase
  • Name of the authorized Vampire distributor or reseller

Replacement unit warranty

Any replaced or repaired product is covered by warranty for either the remainder of the initial warranty period or for ninety (90) days counted from the date of the replacement, depending on which one is longer.

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